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DIY = Don’t Injure Yourself

Spring is upon us and as is tradition we get out into the garden, spring clean the house and decorate the rotting shed. What also seems to be a tradition is that all this DIY (especially gardening) leads to a lot more crisis calls to my door. It doesn’t have to be this way. I


The Mummy MOT Fleet Physio is proud to announce that we are certified to offer the Mummy MOT! The Mummy MOT offers integrated postnatal physiotherapy and functional fitness for women from 6 weeks after giving birth. This enables early identification of potential issues in breathing, posture and the pelvic floor that may arise as a

Pain in the butt!

Sciatica One of the many reasons why my clients come into my practice is because they are complaining of “sciatica”. Let’s start with a definition: “Sciatica” is actually a symptom. This symptom most commonly describes pain starting in the low back and radiating down the leg. It is either caused by damage to one or more of the nerve roots in

Not tonight dear…

The WHO states that healthy sexual function is a human right, but sex is the opposite of football – everybody does it but nobody talks about it. Look around you in the media and it is everywhere, but apart from the occasional snigger most people don’t talk about this area of their own lives and most

Plagued by headaches??

One of the most common reasons my clients come in to see me is for the relief of their headaches and/or migraines. We all suffer from headaches from time to time and mostly we can soldier on with the help of some painkillers. Regular headaches can be debilitating and affect your quality of life severely

Hands on, hands off?!

A hot topic in physiotherapy at the moment is the role of touch in our profession. I feel it was a bit like discussing the role of needles in acupuncture. It’s not an optional extra. I’ve bandied the idea about with my patients and they are unilateral in their opinion that a large part of

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