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Wherefore art thou?

The last decade or so has seen a move towards a more holistic view of health. I, for one, have never understood the dualist approach of mind and body as separate entities…Working with people on a daily basis, it is impossible not to see how the psyche affects the body and vice versa – it’s

Acupuncture – good vs bad OR good vs sham?

Attending the acupuncture conference this weekend this was an issue that came up time and time again as it is such an issue in acupuncture research. One of my more cynical patients told me he found acupuncture difficult to rationalise because of this, even though it worked for him and he comes in for treatment

Hands on, hands off?!

A hot topic in physiotherapy at the moment is the role of touch in our profession. I feel it was a bit like discussing the role of needles in acupuncture. It’s not an optional extra. I’ve bandied the idea about with my patients and they are unilateral in their opinion that a large part of

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